Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a few things

I know I haven't posted in months, but I wanted to get a few thoughts out.

1) I love my husband. Although things are never perfect, I wouldn't want to go on this life journey with out him. He drives me nuts, but at the same time he fills my love tank ;)

2) I am tired of pretending that it is ok for people to treat me poorly. Learn some manners would ya?

3) I am struggling with having balance in my life. I would like to have everything under control, but I just don't. I think I just need to be ok with that.

4) Some relationships in my life are too difficult. Should it really be this hard to like, understand, or even spend time with them?

5) I think I need a puppy, it has been 8 months since Nina died and I think I am ready. I have had Izzy (my mom's dog) for a few days and it has been so nice!

Ahhh, I feel much better now! Thanks

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

He has Risen!

Coloring eggs, egg hunts and Easter baskets are all so much fun! My family enjoys all of those activities, but we also celebrate the true meaning of Easter!

Jesus was crucified, dead and buried. But on the 3 day HE ROSE AGAIN!

I feel so lucky to have a personal relationship with Jesus! I love that my children have a personal relationship with Him as well. Our Lord is alive! He is with us always! He is forgiving, understanding, loving, faithful and so many other adjectives!
My hope is for all of you to celebrate Jesus today and always!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Splash Bay

To end our kids spring break we decided to go to Maumee's Splash Bay! We had a blast! There was stuff to do for all ages! We were all exhausted after about 5 hours though. So we went home for a relaxing evening that would include buttery popcorn, pillows, blankets and a good family movie! Only when my middle son got out of the shower her looked like a burn victim. He was crying and telling me "don't touch it" and "it really hurts Mom". I had no idea what to do, so off the the ER we went. 4 hours later they came up with chemical burns and dermatitis. We have to rub his PAINFUL sores with cortisone 4 times a day and give him benidryl.

So let's just say Splash Bay may not be in our future.

P.S. Evan has VERY sensitive skin, none of us had anything wrong. So don't let it defer you from having a day of family fun. It was a blast!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Good friends are really hard to come by...well at least for me. I had a lotof girlfriends while growing up. We all took dance, cheer leading, played softball together. Hung out at one of our houses every day/weekend. It wasn't until high school that I realized we were a click. And if anyone knows me I am not a real clicky kind of girl. I like all kinds of people from all different backgrounds. So during those four years of high school (u know the ones that everyone seems to hold on to) I ventured out from the click and met some really great people and maybe some not so great. I did however become a besty with one and we were inseparable. For 10 long years we were the kind of friends that most people are envious of. Then that came to a screeching holt. Long story short.. I got married/had kids/grew up...she did not. So these past years I have made some friends here and there. But nothing ever really stuck. I consider myself as a very outgoing , happy person to be around. I do know that I come on pretty strong, which some people might call loud/blunt/too the point. So I may have offend a few people along the way..
However... I received a blessing when my family got a new neighbor right next door! It is one of the first times that I have someone that I can be myself completely! We have such a blast together! And the topper is our sons are only a week apart! So we do unplanned lunches/dinners/play dates/and girl outings! We call ourselves weekday friends because we don't bother scrambling around to cleanup and make our houses clean to act like we have it all together all the time! She knocks on my door and I open it, throwing the dozen pair of shoes laying on the floor aside so she can make her way in!

Even though we may be adults/parents/grandparents..we all need at least one good friend.
I have been blessed to have just a few! I am ok with that!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Where does family start and then end? With how the world is today we have so many diverse family structures it is hard to really have such boundaries. Parents who divorce, leaving children with only a idea of what should be and what is. Aunts and Uncles who bring children in from different marriages, are they now our instant cousins? Mothers who have multiple babies with different men, leaving the siblings confused when one leaves for the weekend while the others stay home with mom. Fathers who leave one family and start a new one with his new wife. Or how about after 30 years or so of marriage and a family, divorce happens and remarriage occurs creating a new family structure with grown step-brothers/sisters and new nephews and so on...
This may strike a cord with some of you and I apologize for that. But these are real events that are happening all around us. My question is how are we all coping and dividing the line between family and circumstances? I am a person who loves, cherishes, and values my family. I have had some unconventional family structures be built around me. But for the most part I have continued to "go with the flow" and except that the choices of others are just that. Not mine to judge, not mine to control, not mine to bare the burden of.
In this time I think a lot is excepted and a lot is not. Some children are ruined from their parents divorce. Some are empowered by it. My question to you is how are you teaching your children about the structure of family? What value do you put on it? Do we adapt to our culture or do we instill our own beliefs onto our children in the hopes they know what once was can be again?
Do you draw the line?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nina.... Again

Although it has been 5 months since the passing of our dog Nina, I still morn her daily. Am I alone on this sort of thing? I just feel so sad sometimes when ever I am reminded of her absence. As the seasons start to change memories have flooded my mind.
For example: the first heavy snow fall when I was shoveling the snow, Nina would bark and try to chase every single shovel full I threw. I was just sitting there throwing the snow and missing the once annoying habit of my dog. I would look out my back window seeing the neighbor behind us shoveling hers, and also would miss Nina driving her NUTS by all the barking and jumping on the fence.
Now the snow is melting... and I found a tennis ball in the yard :( She loved (i mean loved) her tennis balls. As I threw it to my new loved friend ( my neighbors dog ) I felt this pull at my heart. I am thinking " really Jill??".
I am sure that when summer hits I am going to miss taking her to the ravine. Watching her beautiful self running and chasing after her tennis balls. Also taking her to the park and watching her play with any dog that would participate. She would actually get on the play gyms at the park with the kids and go down the slide. It was hilarious!
Sorry for the depressing post... I did say this would be my therapy for the next month!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I think I have something to say!

Am I alone in the fact that I sometimes go through my day and think hmmm... I should blog about that, but then never do. I have had so much stuff going on in my life these past few months it almost seems overwhelming to put into words. So I think that I am going to take the next month and use this here blog as some sort of therapy!

First on my list to share:

Children... recently my husband and I decided that 3 was our number. So we did the permanent thing and he got the old snip..snip.
I totally feel as though God himself told me that 3 was my number. I felt content with this decision and in fact was excited about not worrying every month if our protection didn't work.
I had peace! I settled in to the fact that THIS was my family. That I was onto the next chapter in my life.

Then Christmas hit... I realized that morning that this was in fact the LAST Christmas I was going to have a little baby more interested in the wrapping then the actual gift. That we were capturing such a monumental moment in our lives that morning. The Christmas that our family would no longer be a growing one. Ouch

I have had many moments since that morning where the reality of the place I am in my life has hit me. The place where change is soooo scary. I am not going to be bearing any more children. Also the fact that they grow up so fast does not help that fear of change I have. The feeling I get when my now 8 yr old looks at me and says " are you really going to wear that?". Or when my now 5 yr old tells me that I don't have to hold his hand anymore walking into school. And now my 1 yr old is talking and walking and being such a snuggle bug!

I am not saying that I regret the decision my husband and I have made. I am just facing a huge change of direction in my life. We all have these milestones in our lives. College, marriage, buying a house, then of course babies. I guess I never really thought about what happens when you stop being a baby maker :) It really is something all mothers will go through. Some may feel relieved, depressed, joyful or even scared. I am just really fearful of change.

to be continued...

Monday, January 24, 2011


I am still a blogger, but I haven't had much to say. I do however read all of yours daily. You are my entertainment you know!
Soooo as soon as I have something better to say I will just keep on reading. We alll go through these funks don't we????

Anywho... do you like the new look? You can be honest. I am unsure of the font still.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Feast

Please enjoy the menu for today's Friday feast!

What is your heritage?

My dad's side of the family originated from Yugoslavia. My mom's side of the family came from Greece.

Where is your favorite place to buy cheap stuff?

I am not going to lie.... I shop at Wal-mart. If I need something on a tight budget I look there first, then of course Target.

Have you ever committed a crime or been a witness to one? (i won't rat you out ;)

I did commit a crime a lllooonng time ago... I know I know... but my friend got caught and I just learned from her mistakes.

Main Course:
What car would you buy if you could afford it?

I would buy the Volkswagen Routan 2010.... Check it out...It's just beautiful. If I have to get a van, with three kids it's almost a must, this baby is the best!

Do you miss anyone?

Yes, My grandpa Brocus. He was just an amazing man. Although he had faults just like all of us, he was perfect to me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our beloved Nina

Today I dropped Nina off to have a routine surgery that most dog owners have done. (spayed) Only mine never got to come back home. I can't even begin to tell you how much my heart wells up every time I think of her. That phone call was one of the worse ones I have ever received. She was not only a "dog" to me she was a part of our family. The details of the event our still to painful to even write down, so I will leave this short and sweet.
Nina, you will forever be missed and oh so loved. You are not replaceable and I look forward to the day I see you running in the clouds to greet me at the pearly gates! I love you sweet girl! Lilly will be lost without you. :(

Nina 2/07 ~ 10/10

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Feast!

Please enjoy the menu for today's Friday feast!


Were you an honor roll student in school?

  • Nope... but if I would have applied myself instead of worrying about the next social gathering I am sure I would have been.


Describe yourself in three words.

  • Caring. Hopeful. Ever changing.


What is something that makes you cringe?

  • People who breathe out of their mouth. Just Gross.

Main Course:

Would you rather dress up or dress casual when going out with a friend or husband?

  • For me, I heart dressing up! I am a stay at home mom and when I get the chance to get out I like to get all dolled up ;)


What is your favorite movie of all time?

  • If I can ONLY choose one it would have to be Dirty Dancing. Love Love Love it

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jeanna A.

I found out today that an old friend of mine went to be with God. I can't tell you the mixed emotions I have about this. Although it has been many years since we have talked, I still feel so saddened by the fact that such a young woman was taken.
Celebrating who she was I just wanted to tell you the things I remember most about her!
  • She had a smile that lit up a room!
  • She was hoo-larious!
  • Although we were young, she seemed so wise!
  • She was such a go getter!
  • She was beautiful inside and out!

Jeanna, you will be missed by many! I am sure you are dancing in the stars, living without anymore pain! I am sorry we never did have that drink we talked about.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is the invitation I created for Sammy's 1st birthday! I just love naked babies!
We had a little mommy/son photo shoot and they all turned out so well. I will post some of the other ones soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I got one for all of you... COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am renovating my kitchen and I want this sign I found on Etsy. I just want the sign to say something different.

The sign means the beautiful cottage... so should I just have it say the beautiful KITCHEN?

Any suggestions for verbage would so be appreciated!! REMEMBER... it is for the kitchen!

Can't wait to read some responses... that is if I still have any readers!


I always think that if I revamp the blog it will inspire me to actually "blog"! I hope this time it works...... I have so much to say, but not enough time to actually sit down and put it into words. Any who... hope for the best!